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Youngish family seek to farm in harmony with Nature in the Uplands

working in harmony with the landscape and traditions of upland farming practices and also creating habitat to help secure the future of our treasure wildlife.

Feature 1

Jennie and Chris grow up in Dorset where they met over there join love of farming and the outdoors. We have kept a wide range of animals before setting up a strong flock of Lleyns. A first we ran our small flock of small private 2-3 acre plot of hand before we took on larger areas on grazing agreements. We started applying for farm tenancies all over the country with no success at this time we also had a family loss. It was a very hard time and that is when nature really kicked in and our eyes were opened.

We then toyed with the idea of moving into a caravan and carry on with our sheep business. Shortly after that we fell pregnant again. We made the decision to selling everything and try the world of employment. A job came up working as a conservation farmer which took us up north but ended up finding ourselves in the Lake District and we embraced it whole heartly. Selling everything and moved up north was bold but deciding we weren’t suited to working for others but actually working for nature and farming in an empathic way was what we had to do was key to our happiness.

We are now 2 applications in. applying for hill farm tenancies with the National Trust. We have made it to the final 4 two times now. We are determined to make this work as we feel if you can farm with nature in the Lake District we can make it work anywhere !


Feature 2

We will strive to keep improving the flock by using methods which are familiar to us, and which have been successful for us previously; high health status, detailed performance recording, strategic culling and investment in bloodlines.

Our stock has to work hard in this harsh environment there for we require them perform and thrive.


Feature 3

Why wildlife is important to us and bit of tec stuff.

Our farming method are considered and integrated to the surrounding ecosystems. Working with the changing seasons closing watching the flora and fauna, to make sure the wildlife our getting the most out of what they can harvest from nature.